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Nestled in the heart of Southfield, MI, Synergy Rehab stands as a beacon of transformative physical therapy. With a dedicated focus on uncovering the root cause of discomfort, our clinic promises more than temporary relief; we pledge enduring rehabilitation and a journey toward genuine healing.

  • We are top-rated on Google: A 5-star testament to our expertise.
  • We work with the root-cause approach: Treating pain at its source.
  • We offer sustained healing: Not just relief, but lasting rehabilitation.
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Unparalleled Physical Therapy Services in Southfield, MI

At Synergy Rehab, we're not just offering treatments; we're offering transformation. Transcending traditional approaches, we embrace an ethos that merges passion with purpose, ensuring that every therapy session is a step towards lasting relief and holistic wellness. Choose us for a journey that moves beyond pain management to real, impactful healing.

Why Synergy Rehab Should Be Your Top Choice

Discover a physical therapy experience that's a route to overall wellness and well-being through:

  • Root-Cause Healing: We delve deeper into treating not just the pain but its very source.
  • State-of-the-art Equipment: Benefit from the latest in physical therapy innovations.
  • Mastery in Manual Therapy: Our hands-on approach ensures personalized, direct intervention.
  • Certified Expert Therapists: Trust in a team with the highest qualifications and expertise.
  • Compassionate Care: Our staff isn’t just skilled; they're warm and attentive.
  • Value for Wellness: Premium care prioritizing your lasting health.
  • Choose Synergy Rehab for a holistic approach to well-being.
Aerin Fink
Aerin Fink
The staff here is amazing. I really enjoyed learning more about the mind-body connection and found that everyone was extremely passionate about their work. I look forward to returning!
FaDe_ Clicks
FaDe_ Clicks
Tapan is an amazing PT and I am grateful to him for helping my shoulder get better in such less time. The entire staff at Synergy is very courteous and friendly. Highly recommend this place!!
MonYah Diallo
MonYah Diallo
Synergy Rehab is the best place to be for your Physical Therapy. The staff is very professional, knowledgeable and friendly you will leave out feeling good after each visit with the PT you received
Bela Amin
Bela Amin
Excellent Physical therapist I walked in with severe pain in my left knee and hip and left there felt like I was walking on clouds. Tapan is a highly skilled and knowledgeable therapist with excellent manual therapy skill set. I don’t know many PT’s nowadays who have this knowledge let alone manual therapy skills. These skills are perfected over time and proven with his outcomes. I would highly recommend his professionalism, knowledge and clinic to anybody wanting to get off the regular hamster wheel that the therapy world has become. Clinic is clean and well equipped. 10 ⭐️. Beautiful modern clinic
Mitch DePerno
Mitch DePerno
I have only gone for a few sessions, but this group seems very knowledgeable and work well to find the root of my back and sciatica issues. Plan on doing your exercises to strengthen your muscles to recover!
Melissa Wienczewski
Melissa Wienczewski
The team at Synergy in Southfield is seriously the best! I have had an amazing experience: from the front desk to the therapists and the assistant. They are all very talented, knowledgable, kind, and helpful. I can't say enough postive things about this team!
Lawrence Hendricks
Lawrence Hendricks
I was initially referred to Synergy Rehab but an athlete I met @ U-M Varsity Tennis ???? Center. The Physical Therapist I was referred to was out of the country. I suffered a traumatic injury to my neck & upper back. I met a Physical Therapist @ St. Basil Byzantine Catholic Church ⛪️. Corryn has helped me to heal ???? so much that it is hard to imagine that I have the mobility I have today compared to 5 weeks ago. Synergy Rehab cares about every patient with Great Love & Concern!!! All the Best!!! Rev. Deacon Lawrence
Swati Kapoor
Swati Kapoor
Struggled with hip pain for a year, no relief from consultations. Synergy Rehab, Mr. Tapan, brought immediate relief and provided long-term home workout guidance. Extremely thankful. Highly recommend.
Our Pledge to Your Well-being
At Synergy Rehab in Southfield, your health and safety come first:

Tailored Treatments: Each visit entails a swift assessment by our physical therapists, ensuring a bespoke treatment strategy far from one-size-fits-all solutions.

  • Hassle-Free Insurance Checks: Leave the insurance verifications to us.
  • Appointment Reminders: A friendly nudge so you never miss a session.
  • Ready Paperwork: Access forms and physician referrals with ease.
  • Broad Insurance Acceptance: We cater to most insurance plans for your convenience.
  • Your well-being journey with Synergy Rehab is seamless, personalized, and thorough.
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Synergy Rehab Physical Therapy
How We Help You Relax Under the Roof of Synergy Rehab
  • 01 Physical Therapy for Back Pain

  • 02 Physical Therapy for Neck Pain

    Neck strains can stem from posture or sudden movements. We focus on enhancing muscle flexibility, improving posture, and reinforcing neck strength. The result? A pain-free, mobile neck, allowing you to turn heads without pain!

  • 03 Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain

    Shoulder woes often arise from overuse or injury. We employ specialized exercises to restore shoulder motion and strength. Combined with manual therapy, we aim to ensure your shoulders can bear life's loads effortlessly.

  • 04 Physical Therapy for Hip and Knee Pain

    The hip and knee are complex joints. We prioritize mobility and strength-building exercises, sometimes complemented by soft tissue massages, to reduce inflammation and restore function so you can step forward confidently.

  • 05 Physical Therapy for Hand, Wrist & Elbow Pain

    From typing to lifting, our hands and arms do so much. Our experienced physical therapists in Southfield use advanced techniques to optimize joint function and reduce pain, ensuring your arms and hands remain your reliable tools.

  • 06 Physical Therapy for Foot and Ankle Pain

    Our feet bear our weight daily. To combat foot and ankle discomfort, we emphasize balance exercises, stretches, and sometimes orthotic recommendations, aiming for each step to be a pain-free one.

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