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    Stages of Treatment

    The consultation process at Synergy Rehab is a systematic approach to understanding and addressing your health and well-being. Each stage is meticulously planned to ensure comprehensive care and effective outcomes.

    Make an Appointment

    It's essential to initiate the process by booking an appointment. This ensures dedicated time to address your concerns and guarantees personalized care.


    During this phase, a thorough discussion takes place. We dive deep into understanding your concerns, medical history, and any specific requirements or goals you might have.

    Physical Therapy

    This involves hands-on treatments to improve any physical issues or discomforts you might be experiencing. Our trained therapists use techniques tailored to your specific needs to ensure optimal recovery and relief.

    Satisfied Review

    Once the treatments or sessions conclude, a comprehensive review ensures that the desired outcomes have been achieved and that you're completely satisfied with the results.