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Welcome to Synergy Rehab, top leading physical therapy provider in Southfield, Michigan. Our clinic stands out with a comprehensive range of services uniquely designed to meet the diverse needs of our community.


From those suffering from back or neck pain to athletes recovering from sports injuries, our team of skilled physical therapists is dedicated to helping each patient achieve their health goals.

This commitment to personalized care ensures that Synergy Rehab provides the best physical therapy in Southfield.

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Physical Therapy Services We Offer

General Physical Therapy

At Synergy Rehab, we believe in a personalized approach to treatment. Our team provides tailored treatment plans to address various conditions, including joint and muscle pain, post-surgical recovery, and sports injuries. Each plan is carefully designed to restore functionality, improve mobility, and reduce pain, helping patients regain their independence. 


Physical therapy Sessions
Back pain physical therapy

Back Pain Physical Therapy

Our clinic is a go-to place for those struggling with back pain, a common issue in Southfield. Our physical therapists craft individualized treatment strategies, incorporating stretching, strengthening, and manual therapy techniques. These strategies are not just about alleviating discomfort but also about preventing future flare-ups, giving you the freedom to live without the fear of pain.


Neck Pain Physical Therapy

Neck pain can significantly impact one’s quality of life. Our therapists offer specialized neck pain physical therapy, incorporating techniques such as posture correction, muscle strengthening, and ergonomic advice to reduce strain and promote long-term relief.



Neck Pain Physical Therapy
Physical therapy in southfield

Customized Rehabilitation

We understand that each patient’s journey is unique. Our therapists, with their compassionate and patient-centred approach, connect with the patients on individual levels to understand the needs and address specific conditions. Whether you are here to recover from an injury or to manage a chronic discomfort, we strive to support our patients throughout their healing journey.


Team of Best Physical Therapists in Southfield

Synergy Rehab boasts a team of highly qualified and skilled physical therapists committed to patient care and wellbeing. 

Credentials and Expertise

Our therapists hold advanced degrees and certifications, bringing a wealth of knowledge to their practice. They specialize in diverse areas, such as orthopedic therapy, physical therapy for sports injuries, and chronic pain management, ensuring comprehensive care for all patients.

Client-centred Approach

Our team prioritizes patient well-being, developing individualized treatment plans and maintaining open communication. This client-centred approach fosters trust and encourages long-term relationships, allowing therapists to monitor progress and adjust treatments as needed.

Community Impact

Our therapists are not only dedicated to their patients but also to the broader Southfield community. By providing accessible and effective therapy services, Synergy Rehab contributes to the overall health and well-being of Southfield residents.

5-Star Patient Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it – hear from the our patients who have healed magnificently after receiving physical therapy in Southfield.

Daisy Moore
Daisy Moore
I love all the Physical Therapy here at Synergy Rehab they are so helpful patient and caring. I would come back if needed in the future .Thanks to all the staff.
Janette Dyer
Janette Dyer
This facility was the first location I visited on my list.....Wow, how lucky was I to choose them in 6 weeks my knee replacement surgery was really in the back of my mind. The staff is fantastic and knowledgeable in all areas of rehab to recovering your body back to ???? in a short period of time. Synergy Rehab is life changing for me. I enjoy and look forward to my session, each time seeing how they instruct the exercises really builds my muscles and strengths the limbs. Now I'm looking forward to running after my 18 month old grandson. Thank you Synergy rehab
Hana Hamade
Hana Hamade
I was always hesitant about physical therapy being in pain, and not wanting to create more pain. This facility is super clean, very nice aesthetically, and the therapists including even the PTA are super educated and just outstanding! They take time to sit and explain everything going on with your body in detail, and the hands on therapy helps your ability to move easier in order to increase mobility and reduce inflammation and pain over time. I highly recommend this place to anyone in pain.
Edward Lechtzin
Edward Lechtzin
I suffer from occasional bouts of sciatica in my right leg and am very happy that my physician recommended p.t. at Synergy. Not only am I walking without pain, Synergy's approach has given me a new direction for physical exercise which I hope to continue on my own. I realize that p.t. is not considered a "fun" activity, but I do look forward to my sessions with the excellent and caring staff.
Reni Gresham
Reni Gresham
A beautiful and positive experience. Synergy personnel are experienced and know what they are doing. My first appointment I was in so much pain and Tapan assured me that when he finished I would be able to walk out feeling better. From that day on I have improved but I also help by doing the exercises they assign me as well on my own time. Synergy you are the best!!!
Chandra Kothari
Chandra Kothari
I have been under the physical Therapy for the past two months or so at SYNERGY REHAB. The improvement in my body movement is beyond my imagination . The therapist Mr. Tapan and his staff were cordial and very attentive to my concerns and my need for strength and flexibility along with movement. I can show my appreciation in words except to say thank you and looking forward to continuing support.
Douglas Nelson
Douglas Nelson
I came to Synergy Rehab post-op and could barely walk. Tapen and his team got me back right in weeks. In their very clean and professional space I felt comfortable right away. The staff was most attentive to my well being and never pushed too hard but hard enough.

Why Choose Us for Physical Therapy in Southfield

Physical Therapy Consultation

Key Differentiators

Our personalized care, comprehensive services, and expert team set us apart. We prioritize patient well-being, developing individualized plans that deliver long-lasting benefits.

Physical therapy Sessions

Commitment to Excellence

Our dedication to patient success drives us to improve our services continuously. We strive to help each patient achieve their health goals through effective therapy and long-term support.

Physical therapy Treatment

Long-Term Benefits

Our therapy services not only address immediate issues but also promote sustainable health improvements. By fostering healthy habits and providing ongoing support, we help patients achieve lasting benefits.

Clinic Environment and Equipment

Our clinic features advanced treatment areas equipped with cutting-edge equipment. From therapeutic exercise machines to manual therapy tools, we ensure our patients have access to the best resources for their recovery in our physical therapy clinic in Southfield.

A comfortable and serene setting is extremely important for therapy. Our spacious treatment rooms, comfortable seating, and convenient location with ample parking make Synergy Rehab an ideal choice for physical therapy in Southfield.

Patient safety is a top priority at Synergy Rehab. We strictly adhere to hygiene protocols, ensuring that our facilities are clean and sanitized. Additionally, we follow COVID-19 precautions to protect our patients and staff.

Synergy Rehab provides a modern, comfortable environment to ensure an optimal healing experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions​

Q1. What types of physical therapy does Synergy Rehab offer?

Synergy Rehab provides a comprehensive range of services, including general physical therapy, back pain therapy, and neck pain therapy. We also offer specialized treatments for post-surgical recovery, sports injury rehabilitation, and chronic pain management. Our goal is to address the unique needs of each patient through personalized treatment plans.

Our physical therapists for back pain, neck pain or any other discomfort conduct an initial evaluation to understand the patient’s medical history, symptoms, and goals. And then we create a personalized treatment plan, incorporating techniques such as stretching, strengthening exercises, and manual therapy. This personalized approach ensures effective and targeted care for everyone.

A typical session at Synergy Rehab lasts 45-60 minutes, depending on the patient’s needs and the type of therapy. Our therapists work closely with patients during each session, guiding them through exercises and treatments to ensure optimal progress.

Yes, Synergy Rehab accepts a variety of insurance plans. You can call pur office or connect with your specific insurance provider to confirm coverage. Our team can also assist with any insurance-related questions and help navigate the claims process.

The frequency is decided on the basis of patient’s condition and treatment plan. In general, our therapists recommend 1-3 sessions per week for optimal results. The therapist may adjust the frequency as progress is made, ensuring consistent and effective treatment.

During your first visit, our therapist will conduct a comprehensive evaluation, including a medical history review, physical examination, and discussion of your goals. This assessment helps us create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your needs. The initial session may also include some therapy exercises or treatments.

Physical therapy in Southfield can address chronic pain by targeting its underlying causes. Our therapists use a combination of stretching, strengthening exercises, manual therapy, and education to alleviate pain and improve functionality. This comprehensive approach helps manage chronic pain and prevents future flare-ups.

Yes, our therapists often include home exercises in the treatment plan. These exercises complement in-clinic sessions, helping to reinforce progress and promote long-term health benefits. Our therapists provide detailed instructions to ensure patients perform exercises correctly and safely at home.

The decision to end therapy is made collaboratively between the patient and therapist. Our physical therapists in Southfield evaluate progress at each session and adjust the treatment plan accordingly. Once the patient has achieved their goals or made significant progress, the therapist may recommend transitioning to a maintenance plan or stopping therapy altogether.

You can book an appointment with Synergy Rehab by calling our office at  248-298-0433 or emailing us at []. We also offer an online booking option through our website, making it convenient for you to schedule a consultation or session.

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