Treating Malalignment Syndrome via Physical Therapy at Synergy Rehab

What is Malalignment Syndrome?

An asymmetrical alignment of the bones of the pelvis, trunk, and extremist that causes continuous pain in the lower back, hips, and legs is referred to as Malalignment Syndrome. In this situation, patients are unable to turn their bodies in a specific direction.

Most adolescents and children with this disorder will frequently have discomfort in the joints, especially knees and when the disease is drastic it will prevent them from doing athletics because of the malalignment syndrome. Trying to move the knee joint induces the leg joint to further rotate out. Holding the lower foot and leg and revolving it straight results in the knee joint to excessively rotate. This can generate even bigger troubles.

Best Remedy

The best remedy for any mild malalignment issue is to initially analyze whether this ailment is more to the soft tissues (ligaments and muscles extremely tight) or more to structural type (bony). Bone defects are hard to deal with. While soft tissues can easily respond to any physical therapy procedure. This would involve acting on ligaments, tight muscles, and different joint capsules for trying to enhance their flexibility status. It also tries to boost strength in the areas that show any kind of deformity.

Adolescents, children, or grown-ups must actions which do not result in unnecessary wear and tear onto the knee joint. It is important to modify the manner to avoid further pressure onto the knee joints. Crouching with their limbs minimally stretched with their both feet in the front direction minimizes pressure onto the patellofemoral joints. Averting excess running workouts such as riding or jogging will help in preserving the long-term role of the knee joint. Instead, biking or swimming minimizes pressure on the knee joint and also provides it with a satisfactory long-term effect.

Physical therapy in Southfield, MI

All physical therapists at Synergy Rehab in Oak Park are licensed and trained medical professionals with great experience in analyzing physical irregularities, rebuilding physical mobility and functions, maintaining all physical functions, and stimulating physical actions and proper tasks.

Licensed Physical Therapists at Synergy Rehab can be seen in a variety of healthcare locations including sports and fitness settings, hospitals, outpatient offices, private practices, home health, rehab centers, schools, hospices, government agencies, and research centers, occupational settings, and nursing homes.

Physical therapy at Synergy Rehab assists in taking care of patients in almost all the phases of recovery, from the primary diagnosis of Malalignment syndrome, through the therapeutic and preventative stages of healing.