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SM Cook

Finally...... a cure! – I have suffered back problems for a number of years, including sciatica and quite severe lower back pain. I have seen several chiropractors who, at times have relieved the symptoms, but never found the cause. A couple of years ago, after re-injuring my back in the gym, I saw a chiropractor who, unable to ease my pain, suggested I had a ruptured disc that would likely need surgery. I went to my GP to ask for an MRI, but (to my eternal gratitude) he recommended I visit Tapan at Synergy Rehab first. I have to admit I was quite skeptical at first, even more so when Tapan told me that my pain was all down to my pelvis being misaligned and, not only could he fix it, if I continued to do the exercises he told me to I wouldn't have a problem again! Almost immediately he was able to relieve my pain and change me from feeling like a hobbling cripple (at 37 years old) back to my normal self (personal fitness trainer and soccer coach). I have had minor relapses since due to a fall and a training injury, but both times Tapan - and now Anurag - have swiftly corrected the problem. In addition to the relevant exercises, they have also shown me ways to self correct my problem when it re-occurs. I cannot recommend these guys enough. They are knowledgeable, caring and not only do they want to see you cured, they want to keep you that way! Thank you Tapan, Anurag and all the friendly staff at Synergy.




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