Surgery? We Have Your Back at Synergy Rehab

Rehab Synergy

Physical therapy is one of the most recommended courses of action when it comes to relieving any type of joint or muscle pain. It is one practice that, with consistency, can provide pain relief without having to rely upon over-the-counter medications that can have numerous side-effects. Physical therapy can help you achieve comfort and full mobility.

We, at Synergy Rehab Inc., provide a variety of services including relief from spinal dysfunction, neurological disorders, and even pre and post-surgery rehab. The team of physical therapists at Synergy Rehab Inc. is fully equipped with the necessary skills to ensure the patients’ comfort, pain relief and the best customer service. One of our specialties is post-surgery rehab. Post-surgery rehab is one of the more complicated branches of physical therapy, but we are the experts in it. Our clients and their reviews speak for themselves.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have a bad shoulder, a vertigo issue, a sports injury, hip pain, malalignment syndrome or have been recommended physical therapy, Synergy Rehab Inc. is your best choice. Our techniques are tried and tested and have proven to bring forward promising results.

Whether it’s a minor ankle pain that you have been struggling to get rid of for a while or you’ve recently had surgery and are looking for post-surgery rehab, call us today and book an appointment. Our qualified therapists are waiting to serve you and to make sure that you say goodbye to the pain once and for all.

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