Spinal Cord Injury Treatment at Synergy Rehab in Clinton Township, MI

spinal cord injury teatment

Spinal Cord Injury Treatment , what is a spinal cord injury ?

The spinal cord is a combination of nerves running from the bottom of the brain down to your back. Thirty-one nerve pairs come from the spinal cord to the arms, chest, legs, and abdomen. The nerves enable the brain to give commands to the muscles causing movement of your legs and arms.

Spinal cord injury is sensitive as the spinal cord doesn’t have the ability to heal or repair itself after injury. Spinal cord injury happens when there is damage to the spinal cord.

Spinal Cord Injury Levels ?

According to physical therapists in Clinton Township, spinal cord injury occurs when the spinal cord is damaged. This can be as a result of loss of regular blood supply to the spinal cord, trauma, or compression from an infection or tumor.

Accidents do happen. One of the most delicate parts of the body is the spinal cord. If your spinal cord is injured, you require spinal cord rehabilitation to help speed up recovery and adapt to the new way of life. Our MI physical therapists at Synergy Rehab physical therapy work with you and your family to help optimize recovery.

After spinal cord injury, the patient can have limited or movement at all. Before treatment, the physical therapists at Synergy Rehab confirm that the heart is beating normally, and there is no difficulty in breathing.

Next, the patient is immobilized. This happens at the time of injury before transporting the patient to the hospital. If the spinal cord is injured, further movement could lead to extensive damage.

Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

The first objective of any treatment is to relieve the pressure exerted on the spinal cord. This is after diagnosis by a physical therapist at Synergy Rehab and determining the cause of injury. During treatment, any pieces of the vertebrate that are shattered and compressing the spinal cord are removed. If the pressure is coming from an infection or tumor, surgery is done to relieve the pressure.

Professional physical therapists do physical therapy at Synergy Rehab in Clinton township. The aim is to restore movement in the easiest possible way while training the patient to adapt to their new way of life.