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Patient Testimonials

  • You don’t have to live in pain!!!

    I have scoliosis due to an accident when I was a kid, and have been seeing a chiropractor 3 days a week for many years. This was starting to take up a lot of time and money, and there didn’t seem to be a long term fix for my problem.

    My husband insisted I try something else, as this was not only time consuming, but very costly and I started to only feel “normal” with an adjustment. I was even dreading our honeymoon because I was afraid I’d be in pain.

    My husband referred me to Tapan and his team at synergy rehab-who he saw for back pain.

    I was quite skeptical but I went to appease my husband. When I arrived, I was greeting by the friendliest office staff! They are so warm and genuine! They truly care about the patients and always have a smile!

    When I first met Tapen, he did a thorough consultation. While my condition wasn’t an easy fix, he was confident he could help. I was still unsure at first, and nervous to try something new.

    I am kicking myself for not seeing Tapen sooner! He and his team are exceptionally knowledgeable. They are much more thorough and hands on than your typical PT. They make sure all exercises are done right so you don’t cause more damage. They really know how all the muscles are connected and can help ease pain by certain exercises and stretches. A lot of my hip pain was caused by instability in my upper back-something I never would have guessed.

    Tapen wants you to heal using your own muscles and doesn’t want a patient dependent on him to feel good.

    I still have some more progress to make, but with the team at synergy, I’m confident I will!

    Thank you Tapen and team!! If this review can help just one person in a similar situation, it’s worth it!

    Jessica P

  • Finally…… a cure! – I have suffered back problems for a number of years, including sciatica and quite severe lower back pain. I have seen several chiropractors who, at times have relieved the symptoms, but never found the cause. A couple of years ago, after re-injuring my back in the gym, I saw a chiropractor who, unable to ease my pain, suggested I had a ruptured disc that would likely need surgery. I went to my GP to ask for an MRI, but (to my eternal gratitude) he recommended I visit Tapan at Synergy Rehab first. I have to admit I was quite skeptical at first, even more so when Tapan told me that my pain was all down to my pelvis being misaligned and, not only could he fix it, if I continued to do the exercises he told me to I wouldn’t have a problem again! Almost immediately he was able to relieve my pain and change me from feeling like a hobbling cripple (at 37 years old) back to my normal self (personal fitness trainer and soccer coach). I have had minor relapses since due to a fall and a training injury, but both times Tapan – and now Anurag – have swiftly corrected the problem. In addition to the relevant exercises, they have also shown me ways to self correct my problem when it re-occurs. I cannot recommend these guys enough. They are knowledgeable, caring and not only do they want to see you cured, they want to keep you that way! Thank you Tapan, Anurag and all the friendly staff at Synergy.


  • It’s a Healing Day at Synergy Rehab! – Synergy Rehab gave me the opportunity to run the Boston Marathon.

    Without them, I would not have run the most important marathon in my life, and not have experienced the thrill of a lifetime; as well as one of the best moment I’ve ever known. I was referred to Tappan Raut and company first by a dear friend (who was assisted by Tappan years ago when she had foot problems), and then by my podiatrist due to severe plantar fasciitis. It was a cold and snowy Friday evening on my initial visit, and he spent 2 and a half hours with me. I continued to be treated my Tappan, Karnick (sp?) and Anu three times per week until my marathon (only 23 days after my first visit) with incredible results. I thought for sure that I would not be able to run, but with their genuine care, practical guidance, and healing massage & amazing therapy; I was given this wonderful opportunity that I worked so hard for all winter long. I learned a lot, too, from Tappan about the bio-mechanics of my skeletal system and body, and why my foot was feeling the way it was–this was important to me as it helped me to promote my healing–the way I stood, walked, ran, etc…. I could tell that it really mattered to Tappan and his staff that I run this marathon…it meant so very much to me. And, of course, I was very diligent with my exercises, stretching, and training on my own time. The staff there is wonderful, too (Robin, Demetris, & Sandra)–extremely kind, pleasant, fun, polite and very accommodating. The facility is clean and practical, and very comfortable. I feel so fortunate to know Tappan and all of Synergy Rehab in Oak Park. I will forever be grateful to them and all of their care, kindness, and therapy.

    Juliette McP

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