How to Heal from Whiplash at Synergy Rehab

What Is Whiplash ?

Whiplash usually results in mild muscle strains or ligament sprains that heal within a few days. However, this is not always the case as the symptoms can last for several months or longer. Synergy Rehab provides physical therapy in SouthField And Clinton TownShip, MI that may help you with the healing process.

Whiplash occurs when the soft tissues in your neck get damaged. This is usually because of a rapid movement that causes the neck ligaments and tendons to stretch and tear. Since physical therapy focuses on tissues, it is an effective treatment option, especially when combined with medications and bracing. A physical therapist will work with you to restore movement and proper movement of those tissues. The approach can either be active or passive, depending on the goal of the treatment and the desired outcome. In passive treatment, the therapist will help relax your body while active therapy will require your participation.

The general consensus when it comes to whiplash treatment is that staying active as much as possible is a good place to start. Our physical therapists in SouthField And ClintonTownShip, MI will take an approach that suits your unique situation and symptoms. You may start with passive treatment if you are experiencing acute pain to allow your body to heal and adjust to the pain. The approaches may include hot and cold therapies, deep tissue massage, and ultrasound. As you heal, you may transition to active treatment to get your body moving. The process will involve the therapist teaching your exercises to work on your motion and strength.

If you have suffered whiplash pain or other related severe symptoms that seem not to go away, you may need to consider physical therapy at Synergy Rehab Inc. We will work with you in easing the pain and other related symptoms until you are healed. The overall goal of physical therapy is to increase blood circulation, help reduce muscle spasm, promote healing of the neck tissues. Synergy Rehab Inc will help you improve the flexibility and strength of your neck while significantly reducing the pain.

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