How Synergy Rehab Helps Improve your Balance

It is no surprise to tell you that a lack of mobility and poor balance can increase the risk of falling. This health condition can lead to many injuries.

Many health conditions like nerve damage, arthritis, and even accidents can cause poor balance and mobility. If you are worried about poor balance, physical therapists in Clinton Township, MI can help fix this issue.

Since poor balance affects your daily life and surges the risk of injuries, it is important to limit tripping hazards at home. For example, boxes and similar objects on the floor.

Likewise, you can improve your balance with physical therapy in Clinton Township, MI. This is why the experienced, skilled, and qualified health professionals at Synergy Rehab Inc. can help improve your balance and mobility.

The skillful physical therapist Synergy Rehab Inc. offers rehabilitative treatments such as physical therapy. In this article, we will tell you why you should choose physical therapists in Clinton Township, MI to improve your balance. Read on!

Factors Affecting Balance 

Some of the factors that affect a person’s balance include vertigo and dizziness, problems with your vision, and weakness in the legs.

Research studies have shown that decreased sensation in a person’s feet or lower part of the legs as well as medication interaction can also cause poor balance.

Moreover, some other factors affect balance including brain and spinal cord injury, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, stroke, and Parkinson’s disease.

What is physical therapy in Clinton Township, MI? 

Physical therapy is an effective rehabilitative treatment, which can reduce pain and improve the functions of a specific part of the body.

Physical therapy at Synergy Rehab Inc. can be used in a wide range of situations such as a sports injury, recovery from surgery, or to manage a chronic health condition like arthritis.

How physical therapist Synergy Rehab Inc. improves balance? 

Your body’s balance and stability depend on three systems. Your vision, the vestibular system, and the proprioceptive system work together and coordinate with each other to maintain balance and stability.

Physical therapy in Clinton Township, MI helps improve your balance by identifying any of these systems that cause the loss of coordination.

The professional and highly skilled physical therapists in Clinton Township, MI create a customized set of physical activities and exercises.

These exercises probably include a single-leg stance or tandem walking with your heel-to-toe pattern, etc. help improve your balance. Besides, our physical therapists make substantial efforts to make you perform certain exercises or stretches.

Likewise, a physical therapist Synergy Rehab Inc. uses specialized, cutting-edge technology tools to improve your balance and stability. For instance, depending on your situation, the therapist may use wobble boards and biomechanical ankle platforms – also known as BAPs.

How can physical therapists in Clinton Township, MI help? 

Physical therapists at Synergy Rehab are qualified and licensed professionals in prescribing physical exercises and active movement techniques. These methods have found useful in improving various body systems including inner ear retraining, visual tracking, and proprioception, stretching, and strengthening of the body.

A physical therapist Synergy Rehab Inc. helps treat balance issues by determining their potential causes and developing a customized treatment strategy or program to address your particular needs. If you have balance or stability issues, you can contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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