Physical Therapy

What Got Us Started with Physical Therapy

About Synergy Rehab – Our Practice started way before 2005. In 1996 I started having back pain radiating through my leg due to a slip and fall in an icy parking lot. Initially I started seeking help from my colleague at my work place. I was going through traditional physical therapy treatment without any improvement. The pain was so severe that I was having difficulty simply sitting to study for my board exam. In spite of several request to my physical therapy to evaluate a potential SI Joint Dysfunction, I was laughed at with an explanation that SI Joint Dysfunction doesn’t cause pain to lower extremities.

My wife, who is also physical therapist, and I did thorough research. By applying the appropriate treatment approach we eliminated my pain and dysfunction. I started pondering, even being a physical therapist, if I have to face immense difficulty to find proper help, then lot of other patients like me are going through the same ineffective assembly line approach. I started researching the proper treatment approach to efficiently tackle all common pain and dysfunction of Musculoskeletal dysfunctions. I can say that we are successful in resolving 80% to 90% of cases in our practice. Our physical therapists get the same hands on training to maintain Synergy Rehab,Inc’s treatment philosophy

– Tapan Raut BPT, CSCS

We Provide the highest level of satisfaction care & services to our patients.